A Stepwise Approach for Treating Chronic Heel Pain

Heel pain is something that can interfere with your day to day movements quite severely. In some cases, heel pain goes away quite easily with rest, and mild painkillers are enough to manage the issue. Heel pain that is caused by a more serious injury, or that is aggravated through continued walking or exercise, can become chronic.

Managing Your Heel Pain

As soon as you notice pain developing, you should try to stop the activity that is causing the pain. If the pain strikes most of the way through a marathon or triathlon, then the temptation to soldier on is understandable. Once you have completed the event, however, try to get off your feet as soon as you can.

If the pain strikes during training, cut your session short. Fewer miles today, to recover, will help you avoid being put on the couch for weeks with avoidable pain. Take a stepwise approach to treat chronic heel pain, so that you can cure the pain now and avoid more pain in the future.

– Take the weight off the legs, and take a conservative approach towards treating the pain.
– Use anti-inflammatories to reduce pain in the short term
– Reduce any swelling
– Provide support / cushioning for the foot
– Look for an underlying cause for the injury (poor gait, back pain, etc)
– Find and use footwear that offers good foot support
– Avoid walking long distances while recovering

Additional Treatments for Heel Pain

Rest, support, pain relief, and appropriate footwear are basic measures that everyone should try. If the pain does not get better, then there may be a requirement for orthopedic supports, or for additional treatment such as physical therapy or corticosteroid injections. These are things that will need a formal prescription.

Seek Expert Advice

If you are struggling with heel pain Leesburg professionals can help you to make a full recovery and get mobile again. Chronic heel pain can become almost disabling so it is well worth seeking expert advice before it starts to impact your work or leisure activities.

Chronic pain can in some instances be partly emotional or psychological. Some people, especially those who have had mobility issues for a long time, can find that when they get additional support their pain resolves. This approach can be a good option if pain relief and physical therapy prove ineffective. Surgery is an option, but foot surgery is complex and it is not something that should be undertaken unless all other avenues have failed.

Podiatrists have a lot of options for treating heel pain, ranging from ultrasound and electric stimulation to phonophoresis and iontophoresis, as well as medicinal options, orthotics, and surgery. Most people will find that their heel pain gets better with simple treatments, and do not need to go so far as to have surgery. It is possible to beat chronic heel pain and get back to regular walking and even sporting activity if you can identify and resolve the cause. You do not need to let heel pain rule your life.

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