Yellowed, warped, and unhealthy looking toenails usually come from toenail fungus. At Zimmermann Podiatry, the friendly and empathetic foot care specialists, led by Erik Zimmermann, DPM, provide nail treatments that eradicate the fungus and help you prevent it from spreading. Nip your toenail fungus in the bud now by calling the Leesburg, Florida, office or click the online appointment feature.

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What is toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is an infection that develops in healthy nails, turning them weak and brittle. The fungus that causes the infection flourishes in dark, warm, and damp areas such as locker rooms, showers, pool decks, and the insides of your shoes.

Toenail fungus can be very persistent, and even after treatment can have a high recurrence rate. So it’s important to recognize nail fungus as soon as it appears and contact the Zimmermann Podiatry team for help.

What symptoms does toenail fungus cause?

The earliest signs of toenail fungus often include white or yellowish spots on the nail. As the infection worsens, you may have:

  • A nail increasingly turning white, yellow, or brown
  • Progressive nail thickening
  • Nail warping
  • Ragged nail edges
  • Nail crumbling
  • Nail partially detaching from the nail bed

Toenail fungus also causes an unpleasant odor in some cases. Most people with toenail fungus experience multiple symptoms.

Unfortunately, nail fungus is extremely spreadable. If you have it on one toe, the toes next to it are likely to “catch” the fungus, too. You can also spread the infection to other people (and they to you).

How do you treat and prevent toenail fungus?

There are several ways to deal with toenail fungus, and in most cases treatment includes a combination of approaches. At Zimmermann Podiatry, the team often recommends laser nail treatments because laser therapy targets and destroys the fungus using heat. Laser therapy doesn’t hurt the nail or the healthy skin around it.

Other options for treatment may include oral antifungal medications, topical antifungal creams, or paint-on lacquers.

Regardless of the treatment approach, you need to take preventive measures to stop nail fungus recurrence. Some of these are:

  • Washing and drying feet daily
  • Wearing dry cotton socks
  • Changing your socks as soon as they get wet or damp
  • Wearing shower sandals in places like locker rooms and pool decks
  • Never sharing nail grooming tools, socks, shoes, or towels

The Zimmermann Podiatry team has years of experience with the full spectrum of toenail fungus treatments, and they can help you get clear and healthy nails again.

Do you need toenail fungus care that brings long-term results? Call Zimmermann Podiatry or click the online scheduling feature now.